Friday, April 4, 2008

BF Leadership Meeting May 4

The Bible Fellowship leadership meeting has been scheduled for Sunday, May 4 at 4:30 p.m. Here's a message sent on 04.24.08 from Bro. Don regarding the meeting. It should be a very exciting meeting and one you won't want to miss!

I wanted to share a praise with you. Last night, the college ministry closed out the school year by having a crab boil and the Walk at the Tennessee Amphitheatre. They called it the Crab Walk. I went by before it began and sensed a spirit of expectation that was electric. Here was Sevier Heights Baptist Church outside the walls of the church proclaiming the Good News of the Gospel with confidence and power. Tim Miller had told me he was praying for about 600 to come. His wildest dream was 1000.

The crab boil started at 8:00. They fed about 1400 people. The Walk started at 9:00 with over 1100 college and young adults participating in praise and worship. Tim baptized 11 or 12 young people. There were 10 people who made decisions for Christ. You can go to and view a brief video of the evening.

I sit here and can only thank God for last night and for young men and women called by God to reach their world for Christ. Tim Miller, Tyler Rhoton and the college leadership have accepted the challenge of Jesus to reach their world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Along with a deep sense of praise and wonder at God’s greatness, I am challenged by my life and ministry. I am challenged for each of our Bible Fellowship classes. The challenge is to join our college students in accepting God’s call to reach our world and to get the church outside the walls of our buildings into the community. Last night I think I saw a glimpse of Acts 2 – 4, the church taking the Gospel to the world, not waiting for the world to come to church.

I challenge us to begin to ask God how we can do the same through every one of our adult Bible Fellowship classes. We have right at 50 classes. What difference will it make in this community when each class is intentionally and consistently (monthly) going into the community in order to proclaim Christ as Savior and Lord?

Let’s seek God’s face on this challenge. Pray with me for the next several days. On Sunday, May 4 in our leadership meeting we will talk further about it.

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