Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tools you can use - Free

I enjoy books, commentaries, software, and study aides that help me in better understanding the Bible. I like these even better when they are free.

Here are some tools that I use that are free that I thought might be a blessing to you. Feel free to comment and let me know of any sites or tools that you use that would be beneficial to others.

1. E Sword - [link] This is free Bible software you can download to your PC. There are many translations of the Bible to choose from as well as built in commentaries, word searches, Greek helps and so on.

2. - a really great Bible site that allows you to search via translation, key word, and subject.

3. - a great source of tools at your fingertips to include Bible translations, key word searches, and 23 commentaries

4. - an online library with literally thousands of great books to download and read for free.

5. - this is an online ministry completely devoted to pointing people to Jesus and setting them free from habitual sins such as pornography, food worship, alcoholism, gambling, and smoking. The ministry consists of a daily Bible study and accountability via an assigned mentor.


Anonymous said...

How about free audio Bible downloads? At, you and your readers can download free dramatized Audio Bibles. This ministry has 10 popular English versions and 320 foreign languages.

ap.logos said...

And don't forget about