Monday, January 19, 2009

ONE helps Arrowhead!

Please note: This post was taken from Leslie Holden's blog - holden family experience [link])

Saturday around 20 people from SHBC headed up to Morristown to do a city wide blitz and a gas buy down to promote Arrowhead. We had a great day and learned that yesterday for their first ever service they had 180 people!!!!!! WHOO HOO! Praise God!

Some of our friends from our Bible Fellowship Class: ONE

Our assigned area

My mad taping skills on neighborhood mail boxes!

Satan definitely was trying to attack as Ben & Sara learned on Saturday that their vacant home in Knoxville (which they are trying to sell) had suffered a break in one of their water pipes and a neighbor driving by saw water coming out of their front door and garage!!!!!! Plus Ben had been sick all week with a nasty stomach bug.

Even with all that God proved faithful and brought many many new people into His church in Morristown! Keep praying for Arrowhead Church, the Shouns, and all the people God desires to reach through it!

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