Thursday, February 19, 2009

ONE is looking for a few Rockstars

ONE is looking for a few Rockstars.

I know what you are thinking...I am not talented, I can't sing, play an instrument....none of that matters (KidRock has made an entire career out of yelling).

Here is what we are looking for:

1. Couples who love Jesus and want to serve
2. Couples who have been praying about how to help and are looking to get plugged in
3. Couples who can step up and lead by example

Through God's grace our class has been blessed with many new, wonderful couples. Our goal and prayer is that everyone who attends ONE feels loved, connects, and grows in their relationship with Jesus. In order to do that we need to make sure that we have proper leadership in place not only to meet the needs of the class today but also to meet the needs as the class continues to grow.

Here is what we need: Care Group Leaders/Couples

Here are the requirements:

1. Minimum commitment for the remainder of 2009
2. Be a leader by example in lifestyle in your marriage and in your walk with Jesus
3. Consistent attendance in class
4. Attendance to all leadership meetings
5. Participation in class functions
6. Be accountable to others

Here is the job description of a Care Group Leader/Couple:

Time commitment is about 2 hours per week. Your focus is to love those assigned to your care group. Facilitate weekly prayer requests in class, pray weekly for those assigned to you, follow up with anyone on a weekly basis who isn't able to attend, and coordinate bi-monthly care group fellowship events (doesn't have to be elaborate, dinner, movie night, etc.).

Would you like to audition for one of our open spots? Think you have what it takes and that God is leading you in this direction? Want more information?

Then send me an email at


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