Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow Happens - Revised Schedule

So the local meteorologists were right...we did get snow! Did you and your family have a chance to play outside? Did you build a snowman? Go sledding? Or did you use the weather as an excuse to sleep in, wear your snowflake sweater, and drink large mugs of hot chocolate with marshmallows?

Weather permitting we will pick up where we left off this Sunday in our 2 hot 4 church? series.

To bring you up to speed we have already covered Alcohol and the Believer [link] and Sexual Immorality and the Believer [link].

This Sunday we will cover Family Planning and the Believer.

Sunday, February 14 we will do our class breakfast and wrap up our 2 hot 4 church? series by answering your questions about the Bible, Church, Jesus.

Have a question?

Text any question you have to – 99503 in the body of the text please use 96840

Example: “96840 If God didn’t want me to eat cows why did He make them out of meat?”

See you Sunday

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